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DataSwarm Markets Trading Systems

Our systems are designed to help you trade better. We also use our own system to trade, in the US markets.

The DataSwarm Trading Fund (DTF) is a simulated fund using structured investment rules and the DataSwarm Markets Trading System for picking stocks.  It started operation on 1 December 2019. The chart below shows the results up to May 18 2020, including the March 2020 “Covid Crash”, one of the biggest market crashes in history. The chart compares it to the Standard & Poors 500 index of the overall US market performance. If you are interested in usmg DataSwarm anlaytics for your trading read on or contact us.

Dataswarm Trading 18 May

How it works

The system takes input data from a wide number of sources, and the DataSwarm Analytics Engine’s algorithms use this data to estimate the market behaviour, it’s “Zeitgeist” – or if you like, the “bullish” or “bearish” mood. We do this at an individual stock level, a portfolio level, sector level, market level or any other level you require.

From this data analysis the DataSwarm Markets systems select stocks to consider investing in (or selling, if you already have them). As you can see from the above chart, the system works.

As well as stock pediction, we have tested the system across a number of areas from election prediction to geopolitical forecasting, and won a number of awards for our technology.

DataSwarm Markets Systems

We offer three ways of using our  services:

DataSwarm Markets Trading System gives you online analysis and decision support:

  • near real time information on the Market Zeitgeist for any stock covered
  • watchlist and portfolio management tools integrating near real time Zeigeist and US listed stock prices
  • historical data CSV

The core of the Trading System is the Trader Bot, which uses our analytics to suggest stocks to buy and sell in  near real time using our algorithms.

Dataswarm Traderbot


DataSwarm Markets Trading Reports gives you reports and alerts of in depth analysis from our own systems

  • daily/weekly review of  your selected stocks/watchlists/portfolios
  • daily/weekly review of your selected industry sectors
  • forward views of selected stocks and sectors using Zeitgeist analysis
  • reviews of significant trends in the markets

DataSwarm Watchlist Explorer allows you to set up any cinfiguration of stocks or listed assets you want to track, or you can sign up to pre-configured watchlists that we will send to you as reports or alerts.

Dataswarm Watchlist


DataSwarm Consulting gives you the opportunity to access our expertise for bespoke requirements

  • Using the Market Zeitgeist in stock selection and trading for your needs.
  • Build bespoke data analytics or data feeds for you.
  • (For companies) Using the system to help you compete in your own markets

We offer a free entry level service for DataSwarm Markets Dashboards, so you can try the system for free with limited functionality and a limited number of stocks. Sign up here

For a demonstration of the Dataswarm Markets Trading System,  and DataSwarm Markets Reports, Contact Us


DataSwarm Trends

Some clients require a wider view than just the stock markets, and the stock markets are impacted by far wider issues. DataSwarm can also track and give some future guidance to wider geopolitial or market issues. For these we offer specialised DataSwarm trend tracking where possible.

  • DataSwarm Geopolitics  tracks and gives forward guidance on events such as:
    • Election outcomes
    • Technology developments
    • Health and Medical issues
    • Environmantal issues
  • DataSwarm Insights tracks bespoke issues for clients – for example
    • Customer satisfaction in the IPTV and Banking industries
    • Types of customers for specific drinks
    • Cosmetics usage across various national markets and products
  • DataSwarm Media – tracks the media, for specific applications – for example
    • Rising and falling topics, and connections between topics
    • Changes in storylines
    • Comparative media – how various players’ differ in covering the same areas

To find out more about these services, some examples are written up on our blog. To talk about how w can help you, Contact Us