Clearing a Path to Cleaner Profits

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REGI: Clearing the Path to a Clean Profit.

Renewables.  We hear the word every day. But who is really cleaning up right now in the industry? The DataSwarm Market Zeitgeist pulled REGI from the swarm in early March as a stock to buy, and since then it just keeps on giving… +175.84% from its lowest point in March, and we have made +83% from when we bought early on that month.

Who: REGI: Renewable Energy Group

Renewable Energy Group, Inc. is North America’s largest producer of biodiesel and an industry leading producer of renewable diesel providing lower carbon transportation fuels in the US and internationally. It recently broke ground introducing a single wind turbine that will provide power to the company’s biorefinery in Albert Lea, Minnesota, and is also benefiting from a combination of government incentives and a demand shift towards cleaner energy.

What: +46% so far in September

Despite a major drop in stock prices during September, with some crazy whipsaw days, REGI has remained climbing in an ever upwards spiral.

Of course, the minute I wrote this piece the market had a huge fall yesterday, as you can see from the red line on the graph (S&P 500) – but note that although REGI fell, looking at it over the weeks it’s clear that it was rising while the general market was falling.

Why we Buy:

As can be seen from the graph above, the DataSwarm Market Zeitgeist (light blue line), has consistently given us a clear predictive indication of the ‘market mood’ around REGI for the last month. With this level of rising zeitgeist, it is clearly one to watch and as the DataSwarm system pointed us to it back in March we bought in then – and never has the system told us to sell. So we’re more than happy to put our energy here to clean up on a clear profit…

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