Zoom – ZM: The New Way in The New World


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We mentioned before how way back in early March at the start of the Covid Crash, the DataSwarm Zeitgeist (DZg) for Zoom (ZM) sprang up immediately as ‘the Future’. We added ZM to our portfolio and are very pleased we did as shares soared 134% ($117.47 to $457.69) between 3rd March and Zoom’s earnings day 1st September.

Why Zoom and not Microsoft Teams?

Initially, as the US and UK locked down and homeworking, education and online socialising began, it would perhaps have seemed a more obvious bet that Microsoft Teams would have come out the winner in this game given that Microsoft was a far better known brand back in February than the lesser known Zoom.  Yet, for various reasons, it was Zoom which grabbed the spirit of the time – and it was this which the DataSwarm Zeitgeist (DZg) signaled.

Zoom usage soared from just 10 million daily meeting participants back in December to 300 million by April – while Microsoft announced in April that it had just 75 million daily active users of Teams. This proved to be a big wake-up call that this arena had exploded.

Over the past 6 months Zoom’s Zeitgeist (DZg) has remained relatively high, but as the image below shows, it really picked up from 18th August even though its pricing that week remained steady.  A clear rising Zeitgeist (DZg) forming suggested that a price jump could be on its way, so it was a great point to stock up further – well before ZM’s phenominal earnings on 1st September which surprised analysts with a 41% premarket jump at one point.

Would you like to use the DataSwarm system?

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