DataSwarm Markets

Market behaviour + stock analysis + industry trends + predictive analysis = better investment decisions

market trading

The DataSwarm Trading System tracks the market “zeitgeist”, we use this to inform trading decisions. Over 2 years trading we have achieved resuts over 10% higher than the S&P 500.

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investment strategies

Use the system’s analytics to help inform your strategies. Use the backtesting capabilities to help you refine your portfolio and investment strategies.

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consulting services

Engage DataSwarm Consulting for market research, analysis or education. We have many years’ experience using the system over a number of market sectors and industries, for a variety of applications.
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Industry trends

We integrate industry data across all industries and sectors to find the Zeitgeist and future trends. Our systems have been built over 10 years, working with major corporates globally.

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fundamental analysis

Tracking elements of fundamental company performance the system is also effective at comparing companies with each other and deriving insights into emerging trends and problems.

Quantitative analysis

The system tracks many factors at a fairly high frequency. We have also built up data history for c6000 US equities and have backtesting capabilities tested in our own trading.

event driven analysis

The DataSwarm system allows investors unique insights into key event types. We have found it to be very effective in our own trading outcomes.

macro analysis

The system won a IARPA Geopolitical Forecasting Challenge prize in 2019 for accurate predictions over a wide range of geopolitical events. We use it to track macro trends in our own trading.

Blending market behaviours, stock pricings and industry trends will give you a new perspective - essential in these challenging times. Since the stock market crash in March 2020 we have been trading at NASDAQ gains with half the risk level. Find out how.... 

DataSwarm Markets

Cutting edge analytics today driving the trading platforms of tomorrow
Bring new dimensions to trading using data swarm analytics

Using the Zeitgeist to help your trading decisions Zeitgeist-DataSwarm-Markets

Manage your portfolio using Zeitgeist blended with standard financial data, and track it vs indices (DataSwarm Trading Fund shown below) Portfolio-DataSwarm-Markets

  • Swarm Analytics - A New View of markets

    Patterns of human interactions and opinions generate "data swarms" over time. Interweaving this with financial and other data sources gives the system a predictive capability with many applications.

  • Proven Dataset and approach

    We have used our predictive analytics in the US markets now for 2 years and have beaten the S&P 500 by more than 10% in that time

  • granular and multidimensional

    The system produces a number of different signals for every asset, multiple times per day. Assets can be grouped into classes

  • highly configurable

    System allows configurable strategies that can be back tested and forward forecasted. Allows users to tailor strategies to their needs

About Us

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About Us

We have many years of experience in consulting on and building cutting edge technologies including social media analytics, media analysis, search engine optimisation, predictive analytics and associated technologies for major blue chips
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Awards and Competitions

Won Award in the 2019 IARPA (Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity) Geoforecasting Challenge which invests in tackling some of the most difficult challenges of the agencies and disciplines in the Intelligence Community (IC). Finalist in the IET (Institute of Engineers and Technologists) Innovation Awards.
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Reports and Research

We are specialist consultants and data analysts. We combine data from our DataSwarm system with indepth research and create reports around any given topic. Check out our latest Retail Banking in a FinTech Age report, or find out how we successfully predicted the US, UK and French elections.
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In the News

We were recently quoted in the Observer regarding the Lyft IPO. More details regarding the Dataswarm tracking of Lyft and Uber IPOs can be found on our blog. We also speak regularly at conferences around the world.

Further Markets & Clients

Applications of DataSwarm technology

Sign up for our latest report, "Retail Banking in a FinTech Age" looking at how customer perception has different impacts on Challenger and Traditional banks - what the impacts of "perception lag" are, and what banks can do about it.

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